Drainage engineer carrying out a CCTV survey using a camera unit and drain camera

How We Use CCTV Surveys to Identify Issues Within Your Drainage System

CCTV drain surveys are used widely by many drainage contractors, however, many people do not often know what they involve or. In this article, we will talk you through what a CCTV survey is and what happens during the process of the service. So, should you require a CCTV drain survey you will know what is involved.

What is a CCTV Survey?

A CCTV drain survey involves a specialist camera being inserted into the drain on the end of a long cable. The camera then transmits images and signals back through the cable to a monitor which allows drainage engineers to identify any issues within the drain.  CCTV drain surveys have evolved over the years with more advanced technology available to speed up the process of identifying issues in your drains. High tech CCTV cameras now enable us to produce a computer-generated report detailing any faults found with photos. This then allows us to provide a quotation for rectification if necessary.

Why Would You Require a CCTV Survey?

There are many reasons why you may require a CCTV drain survey at your property. This is highly important to those who are looking to purchase a new home, as they can be sure on the condition of the property’s drain system before making any buying decisions. Tenants or Homeowners may also require a CCTV drain system survey when they have a one-off drainage issue or if they are suffering with ongoing issues with their drains. In this situation, CCTV surveys are crucial as they can identify the root cause of the problem so your drains can become healthy in their functioning again. So, if you are struggling with drain issues such as blockages or poor flow rates, you may want to consider a CCTV survey.

What equipment is used in a CCTV Survey

When carrying out a CCTV survey our drainage engineers use specialist equipment to find the issues with your drain systems. Below is a list of all the equipment used to identify the problems with your drains:

Drain Cameras –A specialist waterproof camera head. It has a self-levelling head – meaning the picture should always be the right way up, and lights to enable a clear picture. It is not possible to survey a drain that has more than 40% of water in.

Camera Unit– This is the computer-style unit that receives the data from the camera in the drain. The data is later transferred to specialist software on a computer in our office.

Coiler Unit – This is the cable used to connect the camera head to the camera unit, transmitting the data.

CCTV Survey Computer Unit showing images of a drain being monitored

The Process of CCTV Drain Surveys

When you contact DrainCall regarding a CCTV drain survey, we will discuss your individual requirements and the type of property which will require the survey. After this, an appointment will be arranged, and our engineers will visit you to carry out the CCTV survey.

Once our drainage engineers have arrived at your property, they will begin the survey by discussing the issue with you before setting up the necessary equipment and gaining access to your drains. Access is required into the drainage system via a manhole. This may not be on your property but maybe a neighbouring one.

When we have access to your drainage system, a CCTV camera will be inserted into your drains.

A real time view of your drains will then be provided back to our drain engineers so they can observe the condition of your drains. Our professional team will identify any damage to your drains or any blockages during this stage.

After the survey has been completed the camera unit is returned to the office and the data transferred to the computer which then generates a report. Our reports are clear and easy to understand, and we will give recommendations if required, with the best option(s) given to resolve any problems with your drains. Your survey report will also come with a simple drawing of your site, showing relevant information you need to know such as the location of trees, outbuildings and the types of surface.

An extract of an actual CCTV Survey report

If you are struggling with any issues with your drains, browse our services in full now or contact us today to organise a visit from our drainage engineers.