Drain Cleaning on a drain system

Chemical Cleaners Are Bad For Drains – Here is Why

There are a number of chemical drain cleaners available on the market. We would not recommend using any of them; indeed, in the wrong hands, some of them can be dangerous, harmful to humans, animals and the environment. They can cause damage to the drains and pipework and septic systems. More often than not, they do not work. They certainly will not clear the more serious blockages.

Chemical drain cleaners are caustic. They can cause burns to the skin and irritation to eyes, nose and mouth. They are toxic and poisonous.

If used in plastic pipework they can cause damage to pipework leading to leaks. In older clay pipework it can cause degradation of the pipework.

This, in turn, can lead to more serious issues with pipework such as collapse.

Chemical drain cleaning is also bad for the environment. If the chemical leaches into the ground this can find its way into the water course causing harm to wildlife.

Draincall does not use any chemical drain cleaners to clear blocked drains, blocked sinks, or blocked toilets.

We use the specialist equipment required to effectively clear specific blockages.

If you are struggling with a blocked toilet, blocked sink, or a blocked drain, please give us a call. Alternatively, browse our drain services in full today to find out how Draincall could help you. We do not have a call-out charge and our friendly engineers can deal with your blockage fast and effectively.